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Triana Iglesias

Model / Actress / Artist


Triana Iglesias is a Norwegian/Spanish actress, TV hostess, model, DJ and burlesque artist.


She began her career at the age of 13 hosting the Norwegian children's show "Midt i smørøyet" (1987–1999), featured on the soap opera "Venner og fiender" (1998–1999), appeared in a number of stage plays and guest-starred on several television shows such as “Skal Vi Danse” (Dancing With The Stars), “Masterchef” and “Praksisjobben” (Dirty Jobs) amongst others.


In addition to her TV performances she is also known for her roles in “Tina & Bettina - The Movie” (2012) and “Kill Buljo 2” (2013).


She has been featured on several Playboy magazine covers all over the globe in countries such as The U.S., Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine amongst others. She was elected Playboy Playmate in several countries including Brazil, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Malta and Spain where she was also chosen as the official playmate to honor their 30th anniversary issue.


She has also been featured on the cover of several other men's magazines all over the globe including Maxim, Slitz, FHM, Esquire, People, Ice, Alfa, Interviú, Man, CKM, Massive and Moore Magazine.


She is currently working for ViaSat hosting her sixth season of Paradise Hotel in Norway, playing poker for Betsafe and driving one of the Team Betsafe cars in the Gumball 3000 race.



© Triana Iglesias

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